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Do you want to exercise but don’t want to feel like you’re at the gym? Become part of something Exciting when you join the Brazilian Training Academy!

Take the first step toward a healthier lifestyle using Latin American Energy & Rhythm!


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2We offer different activities for all tastes, so that you can find something that suits you. It’s easier to get fit, make friends and get motivated doing something you enjoy!

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3We have a club culture that is friendly and supportive. The combination of the workouts, the instructors and our philosophy will help you stay motivated, feel involved and energize both your body and spirit!

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Welcome to the Brazilian Training Academy!

One of the most common new years resolution for most people is to improve their fitness and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

At the beginning of each year a lot of people want to start an exercise routine and leave old bad habits behind but they have no clue where to start. At the Brazilian Training Academy you can get into shape and feel fit while having fun and learning something new.

Are you one of those people? Have you started doing anything about it?

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