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Capoeira is a fascinating Brazilian art

It combines martial arts, acrobatics and movement to the hypnotic beat of traditional instruments

Discover the harmony of strength, flexibility, endurance and self-discovery

Capoeira is a Brazilian art form and self-defense with strong aerobic and dance elements.

The harmonic interplay between movement, music and skill will help you develop your strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and co-ordination.

Capoeira balances the body, soul and mind. It is a powerful and exciting art form that teaches you to be alert and start you on the road to self-discovery.

Capoeira builds your self-confidence and is within anyone’s reach regardless of age, gender or athletic experience.

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QDo I have to be fit and flexible to do Capoeira?

A No – just like any sport, you develop fitness and flexibility through doing Capoeira. Most of our students had no background in dance or martial arts before starting.

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